Electrostatic fields create primeval organisms

A changing electric field can alter gametes so much that new species are created.

26 Jul 11 – A book, The Primeval Code (Der Urzeit-Code), was recently published in Switzerland detailing experiments that demonstrate how a changing electric field can alter gametes so much that new species are created.

According to author Luc Bürgin, in laboratory experiments the researchers exposed cereal seeds and fish eggs to an ‘electrostatic field’ – in other words, to a high voltage field in which no current flows.

“Unexpectedly primeval organisms grew out of these seeds and eggs,” says this article on thunderbolts.info. “A fern that no botanist was able to identify; primeval corn with up to twelve ears per stalk; wheat that was ready to be harvested in just four to six weeks. And giant trout, extinct in Europe for 130 years, with so-called salmon hooks.”

“It was as if these organisms accessed their own genetic memories on command in the electric field.”

“At some time in the past…,” the article continues, “intense electric arcs swept across the surface of the Earth, creating powerful electromagnetic fields that could have transmuted biological organisms in the same way that they changed the atomic structure of elements and minerals. The famous Miller-Urey experiment demonstrated that inorganic compounds exposed to electric currents can be altered to form organic chemicals like amino acids.

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