Carolina bays gouged into the ground at a magnetic reversal

28 Jul 09 – Is it just a coincidence that more than two million huge
holes were gouged into the ground – all at the same time – about
12,000 years ago at a magnetic reversal?

Carolina Bays near Fayetteville

Usually not more than 20 feet deep – which means that they were probably not formed by meteoric impacts – the holes range in size from one acre to several thousand acres, and measure up seven miles across.

More than 50,000 overlapping bays—some of them larger than nearby cities!—have been identified on the United States Atlantic coast alone. 50,000! Just on the Atlantic coast!

Scientists estimate that there could be more than two million Carolina bays (sometimes under different names) spread across the United States from Florida to New Jersey to Texas.

I sure wouldn’t have wanted to be standing at ground zero when one of those holes was punched into the ground.

What created these giant paw prints in the ground?

Today, the general consensus is that these massive elliptical scars were somehow created by a comet or meteorite exploding above the earth.  

But I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Carolina bays were created at about the same time as the Gothenburg magnetic reversal. Besides, almost no meteorites have ever been found in the Carolinas.

I think those holes were blasted into the soil by millions of explosions in the sky, explosions triggered by the reversal (as I explain in Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps).

You can see these bays for yourself on Google Earth. If you look at the North Carolina/South Carolina region, then zoom in on an area about 18 miles southeast of Fayetteville, NC you’ll see more than 20 such depressions in a tiny area a mere 12 miles by 9 miles across.

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