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One of the most important books I’ve ever read


I’m a pretty well-read guy. Like maybe, crazy well-read bordering on ridiculous.

I consider your book to be one of the most important books I’ve ever read. The books are written in such a lively style that you can easily miss the fact they are extremely important, revolutionary scientific ideas.

I honestly believe that if they were paying attention in Stockholm, somebody should nominate you for a Nobel Prize in the natural sciences, if only for effort alone.

The average person when reading about paleoclimatology and the natural history of the Earth would come away confused and baffled by the lack of consistency in both the timeline and the explanations for what we do know about our own history as revealed in the fossil record.

The highest complement I can pay you is to say that I think after reading your book, most people wouldn’t be confused at all anymore. Your ideas make sense and shed light on what was previously just left as another open ended, unexplained and hasty conclusion tacked onto physical data that is actually testifying to something completely different.

Your book makes it clear that even when the evidence is all around him and he is literally sitting on top of it, mankind is still not very good at reaching obvious conclusions. The truth is, most of us just aren’t good at deductive reasoning. I think you are doing better.

One of the things I really enjoy in your books is that I’m not hearing about comet impacts as a catch-all explanation for everything that ever happened.

Comet impacts are why water is wet. Comet impacts make sand gritty. Comet impacts are responsible for trees losing their leaves in the fall. Most of us have suspected there is a hell of a lot more to our planet’s history than comet impacts. Some wonder if comet impacts have ever really done anything of note, in fact.

Your theories just make more sense and until I hear better explanations I’m going to assume you have come closer to the truth about our planet’s natural history than any other person living or dead as of today.

Cleve Blakemore

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