Cosmic rays may drive climate (Video)

Wall Street Journal Europe editorial writer Anne Jolis on tells how solar flares and cosmic rays may be driving long-term weather trends.

Anne speaks about the “extremely illustrious organization,” CERN, saying that changes in the sun are a much more significant factor in climate that anything man could do.

The idea, says Anne, is that the various strengths of solar winds deflect cosmic particles entering our atmosphere, which changes the amount of cloud cover in our atmosphere.

The CERN scientists constructed a wonderful particle accelerator to simulate cosmic rays, so they can see how cosmic rays can seed the clouds. It’s “quantitative rigorous research.”

These cosmic rays increase cloud formation by up to a factor of ten.

This means that we may not be able to regulate our climate as well as we thought, which will present a challenge for Al Gore.

Thanks to Bill Sellers for this link

It’s the Sun, stupid

“Taking a cue from CERN in Switzerland, the alternative explanation for any climate change is starting to take shape.  “It’s the Sun, stupid,” says Bill.


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