Diamonds Raining from the Sky

8 Apr 09 – Scientists have discovered microscopic diamonds – nanodiamonds – at many ice-age sites across North America. The tiny diamonds, found embedded in a layer of black carbon, rained from the sky about 12,900 years ago.

Layer of nanodiamonds suggests that a huge impact killed the mammoths, says NOVA program. Photo credit: Royal BC Museum, Victoria, British Columbia

“Diamonds drizzled down by the ton,” says geologist Dr. Allen West. The smaller diamonds would have lingered in the atmosphere for weeks or months. “The larger diamonds were visible to the naked eye and dropped like hailstones.”

On March 31st, the U.S. Public Broadcasting System’s NOVA program presented the highly controversial theory that the diamonds came from a huge cometary impact. The impact, so the story goes, drove the mammoths and dozens of other large North American animals to extinction.As proof of the impact theory, the NOVA program showed glaciologist Paul Mayewski and his colleagues examining Greenland ice of the same age as the sediment in which the nanodiamonds were found. The ice also yielded nanodiamonds.

The nanodiamonds are “absolutely key to demonstrating a rain of comets at this time,” Mayewski said on the show.

I disagree. Considering that no cometary or meteoritic fragments have been found from 12,900 years ago, I don’t understand how those diamonds provide proof of “a rain of comets.”

As you know if you’ve read Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps, I think those diamonds, and the layer of carbon in which they were embedded – were created in the sky as a result of the Gothenburg magnetic reversal.

Not mentioned in the article, is that radioactivity levels in 12,900-year-old sediment measure up to 2,000 times normal.

With diamonds drizzling to the earth by the ton, with huge amounts of carbon raining from the sky (the carbon layer is sometimes a foot thick), and with huge amounts of radioactivity raining from the sky, no wonder so many ice-age animals went extinct.

And it all happened at a magnetic reversal.

Forget comets. Magnetic reversals cause extinctions, magnetic reversals cause ice ages, and magnetic reversals cause evolutionary leaps.

See article describing the NOVA program:

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