Magnetic Reversals is Excellent

You turned a dry subject into something very exciting.

9 Apr 10

Hello Robert,

I just finished your book “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps” and found it fantastic.  I really like your writing style, and you turned a dry subject into something very exciting.  I see no doubt that you are right.  The one thing that I am still wondering about is exactly how the detonations occur in the atmosphere.  A long time ago, I was blessed to be able to take a nuclear physics class from a wonderful professor at Montana Tech, and he made us “think out” nuclear reactions and the possibilities of new ideas.

I have been intrigued by the life progression of a sun into a carbon ball, and have wondered if there could be a Helium bomb. Lo and behold, with the internet available now, it was learned that there is a possibility of such a device.  This led me to research a little bit after reading your book.  I learned the exosphere is loaded with Helium and Hydrogen, and some carbon dioxideHmmm, how can carbon dioxide, which is heavier than air, get up there?  Fusion perhaps?  I think so. It appears to me that these lighter gasses are pooled in the exosphere, and under the right conditions as you describe become fusion bombs.  Another source of carbon dioxide? LOL!

I think your book has proven again how much the pompous scientific world does not know.

Excellent job.

Dan Welch


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