Methane Extinctions – Could this Explain the Carolina Bays? (Dramatic video)

The Permian-Triassic Extinction Event, the largest extinction in history, could have been caused by huge, worldwide methane explosions, says Dr. Gregory Ryskin, Professor of Chemical Engineering at Northwestern University.

Could such explosions have created the Carolina Bays?

Jun 2010 – Could such explosions have created the Carolina Bays?

More than two million huge holes were gouged into the ground about 12,000 years ago at the Gothenburg magnetic reversal. At seven miles across, some of the holes are bigger than nearby cities. Those holes are now collectively known as the Carolina Bays.

During the Great Permian Extinction, when up to 95% of all species went extinct, Dr. Ryskin proposes that huge – and I mean huge – methane bubbles rose out of the ocean creating methane-bearing water clouds.

CO2 is twice as heavy as air, says professor George Kling, a biogeochemist at the University of Michigan. The clouds therefore wouldn’t have risen very high. (You can make methane from CO2.)

These prehistoric methane-bearing clouds then circled the entire earth in a layer as much as 50 meters thick, ready to ignite as soon as they met any random spark.

This would have provided “an incredible explosive force 10,000 times greater than the entire nuclear stockpile available at this time,” says Ryskin.

When I first watched this video, it was tantalizing to think that methane explosions such as these could have blasted those millions of holes into the ground that we now call the Carolina Bays.

However, I’m still not convinced. I’ll stick with my theory that the holes were blasted into the ground as a result of the Gothenburg magnetic reversal.

Besides, methane explosions wouldn’t explain why all of the bays are elliptical.

Just as an aside,if CO2 is twice as heavy as air, then how
in the world does it float around up there high in the sky,
creating “global warming?”

5:56-minute video explaining Dr, Ryskin’s theories:–.html
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