Woolly rhino rewrites theory of Ice Age survival

2 Sep 11 – A newly-discovered species of woolly rhino that lived in Tibet more than 3.6 million years ago descended to the plains from the Himalayas when the ice age struck.

Woolly rhinoceros (Photo credit Phillip72)

The discovery suggests that the Tibetan plateau may have been an ‘evolutionary cradle’ for ice-age animals such as the mammoth, giant sloth and sabre-toothed cat.

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7 thoughts on “Woolly rhino rewrites theory of Ice Age survival”

  1. Just received Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps. I am at page 32 and am hooked! Darwin’s theory of Evolution is already a nonsense.. there is not one thing you have written so far that does not strike a chord. A gripping read and highly recommended.

  2. Hah! Wouldn’t you just love to have a couple of giant 3-toed horses to ride and train? Robert, this “evolutionary leaps” thing and sudden genetic re-creation via pole change is a real mind-blowing thing. As the canny Anne of Green Gables used to say (I once read the book to my kids): It really gives Scope for the Imagination. Problem with these anthoropo warmists and Darwin’s Theory fanatics is this indeed: They lack imagination.

    Both the magnetic reversal/evolution theory and this site are cosmic. I must come here nightly. It allows me to dream of Nature and her great Reset Button, a beneficial reformatting for a hard drive.

    Three-toed horses. Think of it. What else? It all comports with Vedanta very nicely. As Sage Vasistha said in the Yoga-Vasistha: “However the mind conceives The Order to be, the order becomes.”

    And as the theatrical avatar said, something like: ‘There is more in heaven and earth, Gore Bore, than dreamt of in your in your carbon tax scam.’

    Keep on with these fascinating updates, Robert. I am a fan.

  3. Caroline: There is no evidence for your assertion that the theory of evolution is nonsense. Simply put, the theory says that those individuals with attributes that enable them to cope with the current environment are more likely to survive to breed. This holds true regardless of whether the environment is comparatively stable or not, and is independent of the speed of change. The only thing that rapid change may alter is the influence of chance on the process (even a creature with the best attributes to survive long-term can be killed by a falling tree, or lightning, or whatever).

    • There is absoluotely NO PROOF of UNDIRECTED Evolution, and plenty of evidence for directed evolution ( dog, horse, cattle breeding for example…the “lake chad” study has been well debunked).

      Evolution is an uproven theory, nothing more.

      It competes with the bible in some warped line of thinking, because of little minds who can not cope with the concept of Omnipotance. ( G-d Being able to use any method ( including possibly “evolution” at “his” disposal, and speed up and slow down time).

      No one goes up to a house and says ” this must have built itself”, instead, we presume someone built it. All the more so when you factor in the layers upon layers of complexity in the planet we live on, and then the Universe…and so forth.

  4. Evolution is total BS and “Krap with cheese and sauce,” as my German mother used to say. Everything in this book, Magnetic Field Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps” explains everything in the universe extremely well: Many species were rapidly “created” at magnetic field reversals – then went extinct during magnetic field reversals. Anybody STUPID enough to buy into this college left wing trash should leave this planet right here and NOW !! I suggest people do some more reading and get educated by reading this book in detail to get an inkling what the heck is going on here. We are about to go extinct again – right now. It’s just a matter of time – maybe a few years until the next reversal hits. Then most of the current species, especially larger mammals, will go extinct and new creatures will develop in full form – immediately. We developed in FULL FORM – just as we are today. Don’t forget, the Neanderthal suddenly appeared 115,000 years ago during a reversal, AND WENT EXTINCT during a reversal about 34,000 years ago. For those teenage college freaks – please get a real education away from political correctness please. Believing in evolution is just about as stupid as believing in man made GW. We also have an ice age on our hands as snowfall continues to rapidly increase, especially in the mountains across the continents. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee !!!!

  5. Combined with our new understanding of the way magnetic fields trigger marvelous and wonderful new forms to appear overnight, Robert has more than earned himself a Nobel prize many times over.

    Of course, the 2nd mouse gets the cheese. Robert will be lucky to get a marginal credit after some academic halfwit follows his ideas up shortly in naked plagiarism and then claims them as his own. Brilliant ideas have to be repackaged in such a fashion that dull minds can pretend to understand them and Robert is a little too big a jump at once.


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