Carolina Bays – Reader thinks lightning created them

Reference your discussion with Jeff Rense on Carolina Bays.  I think you’re on the right track with your “explosions in the sky”.  However it is lightning that created the bays; also observed in Australia.

Greetings Mr. Felix,

Look at Mars.  It shows examples of the same bays and shield-type volcanoes via “Olympus Mons”; although Olympus Mons is not a shield volcano.  Reference: by David Talbot of the Thunderbolts project.

The magnetic reversal actually happens about every 3,600 years.  My theory; we experience a “drive-by” every 3,600 years.  Although, it is closer in some years than others.  Look back every 3,600 years +/- 50 or 60 years at the fall and rise of civilizations.  Look at how we exited the last ice age.  Very suddenly around 8,500 to 8,000 years ago when sea levels rose about 400 feet.  Then the great flood about 3,600 years ago (epic of Gilgamesh and Noah stories).  Why is it the Sumerians knew what the solar system looked like about 10,000 years ago; even noting the planets’ colors.

My theory is this “drive-by” is by our Sun’s binary companion.  Reference Robert S. Harrington’s work.

He refers to it as a planet in this video, but what is important is how we discovered the outer planets — through their magnetic influence on subsequent inner planet(s).  After Harrington found perturbations on Neptune as it passes in front of Sagittarius (RA18); noting it could not have been due to Pluto, he started searching in reference to the information gathered from Neptune’s perturbations.

Harrington’s work makes sense to me because since the 1960’s planet luminosity has been increasing.  If our sun is quiet; its UV influence decreased as acknowledged by decreased sunspot activity, then the influence upon the planets must be from a source other than our sun.

Pluto is now changed color, Uranus and Saturn are experiencing storms we’ve not observed on them before.  All the planets are acting like they are experiencing increased solar radiation, but again it is not coming from our sun.  Mars polar ice cap melted.

Based upon NASA findings that over 75% of solar systems have a binary companion, I would lean toward theorizing ours does as well.

When one looks at the new theory by David Talbot of the Thunderbolts project about Olympus Mons and looks at your “Carolina Bays” theory of “explosions in the sky” I think interference from a celestial body must be considered.

Also, do a search on meteor sitings and impacts upon Earth.  Look at how the occurrences have increased since 2007.  Why, also has the U.S. Government classified space rocks as “classified” now?

John Fleming


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