Kimberlite pipes carved by electromagnetic forces

23 Jun 10 – Although kimberlite eruptions at the Earth’s surface have never been witnessed, we know they erupt catastrophically over a very short time, taking half-a-day from the initial melting in the mantle to eruption and solidification at the surface, says this article on

Kimberlite Big Hole

There is clear evidence that these diatremes were machined downward from the surface by a magmatic vortex effect, the article continues, and that these ancient volcanoes lie in close chronological association with mass extinctions. The largest eruptions occurred at the end-Cretaceous (the dinosaur extinction).

“What could have affected the upper mantle at those depths to allow partial melting and the rapid ascent of the, occasionally diamond bearing, kimberlite magma to the earth’s surface?” the article asks.

“Kimberlites are linked to disruptions in the Earth’s electric field caused by the electromagnetic effect of a passing cosmic body or meteorite,” the article explains. Earlier research also shows subterranean electric discharges may trigger earthquakes, which could also lead to kimberlite eruptions.

“This strongly suggests kimberlite eruptions are essentially electrical discharge sites of short duration between the Earth and another cosmic body, where electrical charge differences between the Earth and the interloper caused electrical short circuits between them.”

“The rotary or tunneling mechanism recognized from the shape and structure of the kimberlite diatremes can then be explained as the result of powerful Birkeland currents corkscrewing into the Earth’s surface forming the smooth and steep sides of the kimberlite diatreme.”

I’m willing to keep an open mind here. However, I’m more inclined to suspect that a magnetic reversal was involved, and that the electrical discharge came all the way from another planet. I’d be curious to learn if there was indeed a magnetic reversal at the time.

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