Mount Etna eruption 'knocks clocks 15 minutes fast' (Video)

The strong eruption was Etna’s fifth since the beginning of the year.

10 Jul 11 – Italy’s Mount Etna volcano spewed lava on to its south-eastern slopes on Saturday afternoon and windswept ash stopped flights at Catania’s Fontanarossa airport.

The strong eruption was Etna’s fifth since the beginning of the year. It last erupted in May.

Sicilians were quick to blame the volcano after thousands noticed that their clocks and watches, from computers to alarm clocks, were running 15 minutes fast.

The speed-up was spotted when large numbers of locals started turning up for work early.

The cause of the island-wide clock confusion remains unknown. -clocks-15-minutes-fast.html
Thanks to Tom Weatherby and John V. Kampen for this link

“If a small eruption can speed up digital clocks, just think what a major magnetic reversal would do,” says Tom.

Dealing with the article “Mount Etna eruption ‘knocks clocks 15 minutes fast'” you have to be very skeptical. If this is actually true, the implications would be amazing but also terrifying. The odds of an eruption evenly increasing digital clocks 15 minutes (by magnetic pulse) would be less likely than the area being push 15 minutes forward in time. Both are extremely unbelievable but (definitely) worth researching  (but be skeptical). 

– Chris, Raleigh NC

Agreed. I’m extremely, extremely skeptical.   – Robert

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