Nanodiamonds in Greenland Ice – Evidence of Explosions in the Sky at a Magnetic Reversal

15 Sep 10 — A layer of trillions of nanosize diamonds discovered in the Greenland ice sheet “adds credence to the hypothesis that fragments of a comet struck across North America and Europe about 12,900 years ago,” says this article in Science Daily.

Nanodiamonds from Greenland Ice Sheet. (Credit: James C. Weaver UCSB)

“There is a layer in the ice with a great abundance of diamonds,” said James Kennett, professor emeritus in the Department of Earth Science at UC Santa Barbara. “The diamonds are so tiny that they can only be observed with special, highly magnifying microscopes. They number in the trillions.”

I don’t agree with Kennett’s assessment. I think the Greenland nanodiamonds lend credence to my hypothesis that giant explosions in the sky during the Gothenburg magnetic reversal created vast amounts of carbon – including the nanodiamonds – which then rained onto our planet. (See Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps.)

 University of California Santa Barbara Campus

This discovery supports earlier published evidence for a cosmic impact event about 12,900 years ago, Kennett explained.

Previously, Kennett and his son, Douglas J. Kennett, of the University of Oregon, had reported the discovery of nanosize diamonds in a layer of sediment found on Santa Rosa Island, off the coast of Santa Barbara, Calif.

The Santa Rosa layer corresponds with the disappearance of the Clovis culture, and with the extinction of many large animals across North America, including mammoths, camels, horses, and the saber tooth cat.

There is also evidence of widespread wildfires at that time, said Kennett.

The “evidence of widespread wildfires” comes from a layer of carbon found at many areas around the world, in some cases a foot thick. As I said above, I think that carbon was created in the sky right above the mammoth’s heads.

It rains carbon on Saturn’s moon Triton. Why not here?  (See “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps.”)

An associated sharp climatic cooling called the Younger Dryas cooling is also recorded widely over the northern hemisphere.

A cooling that I say was triggered by the Gothenburg magnetic reversal. (See “Not by Fire but by Ice.”)

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