Neutron Repulsion in the Sun's Core

26 Aug 10 – Here’s a paper for your Evolution site, it is a gem of info! It could also go on your ice-age site, because it says that “Changes in Earth’s climate are linked with highly variable solar magnetic fields.”

The fusion of hydrogen atoms – the same mechanism that is at the heart of a Hydrogen Bomb – is generally accepted as the energy source of our Sun. Yet, if this theory were the actual source of the Sun’s energy,

a) Why is the Sun’s emission of neutrinos only about 1/3 the amount expected from fusion reactions ?

b) Why is the ratio of Oxygen atoms to Carbon atoms only 2 at the Sun’s surface, when laboratory and theoretical calculations predict a much higher value ?

c) If fusion powers the Sun, why does it discard 50 trillion tons of Hydrogen each year as “solar wind” trash, with traces of other elements carefully sorted by atomic weight ?

d) How do deep solar magnetic fields sort elements by weight, control Earth’s climate, and produce the solar wind, solar flares and gigantic solar eruptions ?

e) How are we to understand the universe when, as Nobel Laureate William A. Fowler noted in 1988, “. . . we do not even understand how our own star really works.” [1] ?
Thanks to Hans Schreuder for this link

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