No evidence for Clovis comet catastrophe, say archaeologists – Are they blind?

30 Sep 10 – Archaeologists Vance Holliday and David Meltzer argue that there is nothing in the archaeological record to suggest an abrupt collapse of the Clovis people, one of the earliest known cultures to inhabit North America. “An extraterrestrial impact is an unnecessary solution for an archaeological problem that does not exist,” the researchers write.

“The comet theory first emerged in 2007 when a team of scientists announced evidence of a large extraterrestrial impact that occurred about 12,900 years ago,” says this article by Anthony Watts. “The impact was said to have caused a sudden cooling of the North American climate, killing off mammoths and other megafauna. It could also explain the apparent disappearance of the Clovis people, whose characteristic spear points vanish from the archaeological record shortly after the supposed impact.”

“Holliday and Meltzer believe that the disappearance of Clovis spear points is more likely the result of a cultural choice rather than a population collapse.”

No evidence? Are they blind? What about the nanodiamonds? What about the layer of black carbon deposited around the world at the same time? The layer of black carbon measures up to a foot thick in places.

What about the fact that below that layer of carbon are found mammoth bones and Clovis points, but above the layer are none?

What happened to the mastodon? The saber tooth tiger? The giant ground sloth? The short faced bear? The great dire wolf? Did they make a cultural choice to move somewhere else?

You probably already know what I’m going to say. Blame it on the Gothenburg magnetic reversal.

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You’ll want to read the comments section in the above article. I love this comment by Policyguy:

“This paper ignores the physical evidence of a catastrophic event at that time. This physical evidence includes nano diamonds, the markers of a space encounter. It also offers a sensible explanation the disappearance of all megafauna at that time, as well as a sensible explanation for the resurgence of glaciation even though the northern hemisphere had already entered an interglacial warming period.

“The paper seems to say that we can’t find clovis points after this point in time is because they stopped using them (at the same time at all clovis settlements from the East coast to the West coast??) and we can’t find evidence of Clovis settlements after this time because they decided to move away at the same time – to somewhere.

The paper ignores the extinction of the saber toothed tigers and mammoths etc. at the same time. Presumably they were hunted to extinction after the Clovis moved away (somewhere) and stopped using their fluter spear points.

“There are many theories out there, but this one doesn’t tie up other occurrences at the same time. I think its weak.”

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