Darwin got it wrong, says Australian archeologist – Video

Archeologist Peter Mungo Jupp insists that catastrophic evolution occurs at magnetic reversals

At Australia’s Lake Victoria lunette are buried the bodies of up to 15,000 aborigines, says Jupp.

Most archeologists say it’s a vast burial ground accumulated over thousands of years, but Jupp disagrees. He thinks their deaths occurred very quickly and blames the Lake Mungo magnetic reversal.

Jupp also believes that the same magnetic reversal triggered a sudden evolutionary leap.

“Darwin’s theory of slow evolution by natural selection is no longer viable,” asserts Jupp. “Instead, catastrophic evolution occurs.  We see a sudden and total death of megafauna such as the mammoth or the great kangaroo suddenly being supplanted by small species.”

“I believe this is an adaptation of the DNA to new electromagnetic environments,” says Jupp. “Small kangaroos take over from large kangaroos and all of a sudden, a new species has evolved.”

Jupp tells of aborigine stories handed down through the generations of their ancestors hearing a rumbling noise, and great streaks in the sky, and a great ball of fire came down, and there was smoke, and many of them go burnt, and many dead.

Those aren’t just “stories,” says Jupp. That actually happened.

Jupp also talks of the Carolina Bays, comparing them to Australia’s Lake Victoria lunette and Lake Mungo, which he thinks were carved into the ground by electromagnetic forces, by super lightning bolts that sculpted the earth.

He even discusses the layer of black carbon found coincident with the disappearance of the Clovis Indians (carbon that I say rained from the sky).

If you’ve read Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps, you’ll understand why I’m so  excited about this video. It echoes many of the things that I’ve been saying.

Thanks to Laura Davis for this promo version of the video.
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Peter Jupp majored in Archaeology at the University of Melbourne and also attended the School of Creative Arts at Melbourne University where he studied film making techniques and production.  He has also studied Earth Sciences, Biology, Mythology and Art at a tertiary level.

In earlier years he studied Applied Chemistry at RMIT, and later lectured in Medical Imaging at the Sydney University School of Radiology. The resulting culmination of knowledge in areas such as magnetic phenomena, chemistry and biology, as well as ancient history and mythology, powerfully informs his unique slant on archeology.

3 thoughts on “Darwin got it wrong, says Australian archeologist – Video”

  1. I left a reply to a comment on this story on IceAge Now. The original comment proposed a freezing process to explain the lunettes.

    This process is not possible for the lunettes in Australia as :-

    1. These lunettes in Australia are in arid areas, and,
    2. Even when water is present in these “lakes” in Australia it is never cold enough for freezing to occur other than perhaps a thin layer on the water surface which never lasts long once the sun comes up.

    Australia is snow free for some 8 – 9 months a year even in the Australian “Alps” and completely snow free in the area where the video is talking about.

    The freeze dried soil hypothesis proposed is simply not possible in Australia – it never gets cold enough for probably millions of years.

    Lake Victoria is about 34 degrees south – similar to LA at 34 N. I don’t think freezing lakes at not much above sea level would be proposed for around LA.

  2. My area is covered in these lunettes the lake near me is one. the area has a weird ironstone formation they call coffeestones, small pellets of heavy ironstone overlaid with near pure sand.
    I also believe incoming xclass flares will cause rapid mutations and die off.
    the supposedly non GM seeds ie clearfield is one brand..are developed using irradiation to cause mutations, as well as chemicals to do similar.
    the skeletons shown in the clip are immediately odd for one reason, they are NOT laid out as tradition demands ,and saying they were moved by flooding wont hold evidence as they are mainly intact. some yes wind and erosion and floods but not all.
    Purposeful breeding of mutant animals to gain a new breed, as in dogs cats etc requires ONLY those with the mutations to be kept close and specifically mated to strengthen the fault or gain in type.
    that would be what occurs in a decimated “normal” population thats been irradiated, and has limited breeding numbers.Which basically what Darwins island finds were.

  3. Did you people know that the Earth’s magnetic field has moved 161 miles from January thru June of this year alone ? I found that from a link some time ago and they explained that the field is now speeding up towards Siberia much faster than last year. So at that rate it would be moving at 30 miles per month !


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