Diamond clues to beasts' disappearance?

Nano-diamonds coincide with the onset of cooling 12,900 years ago and may have wiped out woolly mammoths and the Clovis culture in North America.

2 Jan 09 – “We’ve discovered nano-diamonds that are not normally produced through average processes on the surface of the Earth,” said James Kennett, a geologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

“They indicate there was an extra-terrestrial event on Earth 12,900 years ago,” he told BBC News.

The nano-diamonds coincide with the onset of cooling, says this BBC article, and may have wiped out woolly mammoths and the Clovis culture in North America.

The age of these materials coincides with the start of a millennium-long climate cooling event known as the Younger Dryas.

“The sheer number of diamonds – up to a million times that found in neighbouring sediment – and their presence inside spherules, refutes the speculation that the material is the normal rain of meteorite debris, says Allen West, a retired geophysicist in Arizona and a co-author.

“Imagine 1,000 to 10,000 atomic bombs detonating within a few minutes over two continents,” said Dr. West.

“The absence of some traditional impact material and visible craters in North America led researchers to speculate that a meteoroid or comet disintegrated before exploding in a cluster of airbursts.

The thumb-width layer of diamonds, which lies beneath a black mat of carbon, appears in a number of sites across North America including Murray Springs in Arizona and the Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California.

No skeleton of one of the larger (now extinct) ice-age mammals, or a Clovis artifact, has been found above the impact layer or the black mat, said University of Oregon geo-archaeologist Doug Kennett, son of James Kennett and another author on the Science paper, who has studied sedimentary vegetation and charcoal records.

The sky would be a canopy of fire, said Dr. West, and shock waves would flatten trees. Miniscule diamonds would drizzle over tens of thousands of kilometres, a third of the way around the planet.

Yes, I agree that there would have been thousands of huge airborne explosions, and yes, carbon and diamonds would have drizzled to the earth by the ton. But why blame a meteor? Especially when “no traditional impact material” or craters have been found?

I think those diamonds – and the other carbon that formed the black mat – were created in the sky as a result of the Gothenburg magnetic reversal.

See entire article by Molly Bentley:

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