Human baby born with a tail?

Don’t laugh. At birth some human babies have a short “tail-like” growth called a “caudal appendage;’ located near the inferior end of the spinal column.

4 Nov 09 – This website tells of crowds flocking to Indian temples to see a Muslim baby with a ‘tail.’ The baby was believed to be the reincarnation of a Hindu god.

If you know who took this photo please let me know so I
can give them credit. Alternatively, you may be able to tell me whether this photo is a hoax or not.

Meanwhile, this website tells of a 7-pound baby born with a caudal appendage 2 inches in length. Shortly after it was born the child was transferred to Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Boston where doctors removed the growth. It was a “. . . well-formed caudal appendage” located near the end of the baby’s spine; “. . . it was covered by skin of normal texture and had a soft fibrous consistency.”’

And finally, this website shows photos taken by Dr. Fernando Heredia, MD., of a human baby born with a tail:

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