Magnetic fields trigger solar wind

Solar wind generated by the sun is probably driven by a process involving powerful magnetic fields, says this article in Science Daily.

22 Nov 09 – A study of observations from the Hinode satellite – published in this month’s Astrophysical Journal – suggests that a process called slipping reconnection may drive these winds.

“Solar wind is an outflow of million-degree gas and magnetic field that engulfs the Earth and other planets,” says Deb Baker, lead author from University College London (UCL) Mullard Space Science Laboratory. “It fills the entire solar system and links with the magnetic fields of the Earth and other planets.”

“Our latest study suggests that it is the release of energy stored in solar magnetic fields (primarily in sunspot groups) which provides the additional driver for the solar wind.”

“Changes in the Sun’s million-mile-per-hour wind can induce disturbances within near-Earth space and our upper atmosphere,” Baker said.

And we don’t think magnetic forces on earth – including magnetic reversals – are important? We don’t think we live in an electric universe?

See entire article, entitled “Solar Winds Triggered by Magnetic Fields”:
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