More cosmic rays entering solar system

According to NASA’s Space Weather website the sun is in the middle of a solar minimum, with 266 sunspot-free days last year – the lowest for nearly a century.

8 Apr 09 – “In 2009, the sun has been blemish-free for more than 80 days, putting it on track for an even quieter year.

A drop in solar activity allows more cosmic rays from outer space to enter the solar system.

“Even if more cosmic rays enter the solar system, the earth is protected by its own magnetic field,” says Dr Sean Oughton, an associate professor of mathematics at New Zealand’s Waikato University.

I agree…to a point. The problem is that during a magnetic reversal the earth would lose its protection. These cosmic rays could then dump untold amounts of mutation-causing radioactivity on our heads, leading to evolutionary leaps.

See entire article, originally entitled:
“Sunspot activity hits a new low”

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