Russians order Flight Changes after Huge Magnetic Shift downs Airliners

Excerpts from a report by the Macedonian International News Agency. I don’t trust its accuracy, but it’s still interesting.

Sun blasts earth's magnetic field

30 Jun 09 – “Reports circulating in the Kremlin today are saying that Russian Air Force Commanders have issued warnings to all of their aircraft to exercise “extreme caution” during flights “in and around” an area defined as Latitude 17 North [North Atlantic Ocean] Latitude 3 South [South Atlantic Ocean] to Latitude 8 North [Indian Ocean] Latitude 19 South [Indian Ocean] between the Longitudes of 46 West, 33 West, 46 East and 33 East, and which covers the greater part of the African Tectonic Plate.

“The reason for this unprecedented warning, these reports state, are the rapid formations of “geomagnetic storms” emanating from the boundaries of the African Tectonic Plate that due to their intensity have caused the loss of two major passenger aircraft during the past month leaving nearly 300 men, women and children dead.

“The first aircraft to be downed by this phenomenon was Air France passenger flight 447, and which these reports say that upon encountering one of these geomagnetic storms, on June 1st, near the western boundary of the African Tectonic Plate close to Brazil’s Fernando de Noronha Islands, was “completely annihilated” causing the deaths of 216 passengers and 12 crew members as their plane plunged in pieces into the Atlantic Ocean.

“The second aircraft to be downed occurred on the eastern boundary of the African Tectonic Plate today when another of these geomagnetic storms slammed from the sky a Yemeni Airways flight to the Island Nation of Comoros in the Indian Ocean of which of the 153 passengers and crew aboard, only 1 “miracle child” has been rescued, so far.”

The report goes on to explain that “due to the Sun’s current unprecedented Deep Solar Minimum, our Earth is in danger of being, literally, ripped apart”, at the worst, or nearing a “total pole reversal.”  

It discusses the unprecedented warming on other planets – Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, and “evidence of warming on Neptune’s largest moon Triton.”

The report also discusses the African Tectonic Plate, the Afar depression, Planet X, Nibiru, the psychic Edgar Cayce, and the Mayan Calendar. 

As I said, I question the accuracy of some of its statements.

See entire article:

Thanks to Tim Kieler, Nick W.S., and Brad at WCCOfor this link

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