The Carolina bays – Giant paw prints in the ground

“Generations of observers have been frustrated and fascinated by the low, wet pocks in the ground scattered from Delaware to Florida,” says Carolina bay expert George Howard.

Carolina bays in Hoke and Scotland County, NC

From George Howard’s website (see link below)

30 Jul 09 – “These shallow, oriented, depressions — some filled with water and many named as lakes, most in a vegetated wetland state — are unlike any other natural feature of the American landscape. Subtle when seen from the ground, they’re dramatic unmistakable ellipses when viewed from the air,” says Howard.

Today, the general consensus is that these massive elliptical scars were somehow created by a comet or meteorite exploding above the earth.  

But I think they were blasted into the ground by millions of explosions in the sky, explosions triggered by the Gothenburg reversal (as I explain in Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps).

I sure wouldn’t have wanted to be standing at ground zero when one of those giant holes was punched into the ground.

George Howard in Raleigh, North Carolina has done a tremendous amount of research on the Carolina bays. View his website here:

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