Hoping to clone a woolly mammoth within five years

After finding well-preserved bone marrow in a thigh bone of a woolly mammoth found in Siberia, scientists believe it may be possible to clone the giant mammal within five years.

Woolly mammoth

If they can find nuclei with undamaged mammoth genes they’ll try to create embryos with mammoth DNA, and then plant those embryos into elephant wombs for delivery.

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4 thoughts on “Hoping to clone a woolly mammoth within five years”

  1. Given your previous posting on your Evolutionary Leaps (July 26, 2011)regarding the creation of primeval organisms (see: Electrostatic fields create primeval organisms), it seems to me it would be easier to expose a current elephant fertilized ovum to such fields for some time and then implant it into the elephant, and probably get the same result.


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