Magnetic reversal could trigger evolution, says expert

Changes in handedness of DNA (triggered by a magnetic reversal) would lead to gene activation or deactivation, differential gene expression, and a change in gene frequency that drives evolution.

So says this paper by Jay A. Yoder, Ph.D.
Dept of Biology, The Illinois College, Jacksonville, IL 62650.

Here are a few excerpts:

Geomagnetic polarity reversal – A theoretical modus operandi of evolution

“Discontinuities in the fossil record provide the basis for the evolutionary theory of punctuated-equilibrium proposed by Eldredge and Gould,” says Yoder.

“Their theory suggests that the production of new species (as evidence of evolution) occurs by rapid bursts that are delineated by long periods (50,000 – 100,000 years in most cases) of stasis where no apparent changes take place.

“Clearly, to produce a significant evolutionary burst of this magnitude would require a most striking event leading to an abrupt change in gene frequency. Of the forces that are touted to alter gene frequency and drive evolution, none appear capable of generating such a dramatic alteration so quickly.

“One possibility could involve magnetic (polarity) reversal, a relatively rapid change in the polarity of Earth’s geomagnetic field where the North Pole becomes the south magnetic pole and vice versa.

“This theoretical force of evolution operates on Ecke et al.’s newly-discovered relationship between chiral symmetry (= handedness) and the orientation of the magnetic field.

“With regard to DNA, a change in the orientation of the magnetic field would therefore translate into a left-handed (counterclockwise spiral) to right-hand (clockwise spiral) switch (Z-DNA to B-DNA that can now be transcribed) or the reverse (B-DNA to Z-DNA whose role may be involved with regulating expression of certain genes or in genetic recombination).

“Such changes in handedness of DNA would lead to gene activation or deactivation… differential gene expression, and a change in gene frequency that drives evolution.

Most strikingly, as is well known to geologists, reversals in the orientation of the Earth’s magnetic field occur every 10,000 – 100,000 years (Jacobs 1984) and thus, the pronounced bursts of speciation associated with punctuated-equilibrium evolution are reflected by abrupt changes in gene frequency as a result thereof.”

See entire article, including citations:

Thanks to Jan Roger Oomkins for this link

Yoder’s paper was published in 1997. If I had known about it, I certainly would have referred to it in “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps.”



9 thoughts on “Magnetic reversal could trigger evolution, says expert”

  1. Hi Robert,

    Thanks for sharing this work; I am always interested in understanding macroevolutionary phenomena. I’m a student of theories, too. I recently found another theory regarding life and evolution and think it may be of interest to you, as the author uses a model that continually reverses itself, just like you have proposed:

    It’s kinda funky, but at the same time scientific.

  2. Lots of theorys floating around these days about comets killing this and astroids killing that. Maybe the bomb that killed off all of that life during the extinction events went off at the genetic level…

  3. Are we talking geological pole shift? Or are we talking magnetic pole shift?Obviously geological pole shift could cause on the surface of the earth winds going from 300 -400 MPH and nothing left standing on the surface.

  4. The conveyor belt for the Gulf stream now no longer goes to Europe the result an oncoming ice age. Temperatures in Eastern europe are -30&

  5. Hi Robert,

    Please see

    Also see the Der Urzeit Code videos on Youtube

    Evolution doesn’t occur due the the Radiation, it occurs due to the changes in the static field potential that is relative to the Charge of the Earth and the Sky. This potential changes depending on the Electric Field Strength of the sun and effect the Static Field in which all life on Earth Exists. During a Magnetic reversal this field changes dramatically, and new species are formed, not by random mutation.

    This may require a revised addition of the book.

  6. Robert Felix told me to ask readers this question about magnetic ropes. On pages 154-55 of Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps it says “solar wind particles flow in along these ropes, providing energy for geomagnetic storms and auroras.”

    My question: Is it possible that the weakening magnetosphere is responsible for the decrease in number of particles traveling down these ropes and striking the earth?

  7. I have an open theory I would like someone to look into. Ive been wondering about it for twelve years.

    My theory is that solar radiation causes a higher rate of mutation causing a higher than average rate of evolutionary advancement if viewed on a long term scale. Since the solar radiation is strongest at the earths magnetic poles I would like to see the comparative results drawing correlation between the poles positioning and evolutionary advancement. So far as i know this hasn’t been checked before but it seems like an obvious question. Fossil records would show. It is very close to this theory but with a slightly different cause.


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