Magnetic reversal "imminent," says National Geographic – Video

Scientists agree that Earth has long been subjected to thousands of traumatic magnetic reversals of the poles, and that we’re due for another — but when?

This video from the National Geographic, first posted on 24 Feb 09,  says the next magnetic reversal is “imminent.”

To gain more understanding of our magnetic field, in 2010 the European Space Agency will launch three SWARM satellites. These satellites – successors to the Ørsted satellite – will be equipped with magnetometers to map the earth’s magnetic field. One of the satellites will orbit at about 530 km above the earth, the other two will fly side by side at about 430 km, providing a sort of ‘stereo-vision’ of the magnetic field.

The earth’s magnetic field protects us from deadly cosmic radiation. As our magnetic field strength decays – which it is now doing – and cosmic radiation will – as the above video says – “get increasingly close to Earth’s surface.”

As I maintain in “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps,” this radiation will lead to mutations and evolutionary leaps.

You can also view the above video, entitled “Magnetic Reversal of Fortune,” here:

Thanks to Richard Lacaba for this link

If you Google SWARM, you will primarily get info on earthquake swarms. However, if you Google SWARM and Nils Olsen (a geophysicist working on SWARM), you will get many references to the SWARM satellites.



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    • that is the ULTIMATE question… A lot of people seem to think so, look at the movie, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. there are people out there that believe that Governments around the world already know what is happening as they tend to have some of the worlds most brilliant minds in their back pocket(s). and this Conspiracy theory centers that the Film Industry gets certain knowledge from these government sources and is then embedded within pop culture, sort of like “artists telling lies to tell the truth” a direct qoute from another pop culture movie V FOR VENDETTA.

  1. The Sun’s EM field flips every 189,000+ years and is due this year as
    its two rotational speeds momentarily click in sinc.
    This is the reason for such high activity during this particular
    solar maximus.
    So how does this affect our (now wondering) EM field?
    And why is all this such a big secret?

        • I’m not talking about auroras. Please read the following


          and compare the data with previous cycles here:

          To check the facts.
          The Sun is (at least) as quite as in the beginning of the XX century with high possibility of being even quieter in the near future.
          I’m not the first to say this.

  2. “…”We should be able to work out the first predictions by the end of the [Swarm] mission,” Gauthier Hulot, an ESA geophysicist and a colleague of Kotze’s, told the New York Times.
    The discovery of the “anomalous field behaviour over Southern Africa” drew wide attention, reported the US newspaper, because “it seemed consistent with what the [ESA’s] computer simulations identified as THE POSSIBLE BEGINNINGS OF A FLIP”.
    Kotze said that, “these are all indications that we have conditions similar to the last reversal, 780 000 years ago. So it means that *WE ARE DUE FOR ANOTHER ONE SOON.*” In geological terms, however, “soon” could mean anytime between tomorrow and the next 3 000 years. ..”

  3. Today, Nov 15, 2012, I tried to play the video “Magnetic Reversal “Eminent” Says National Geographic. After I hit the play button, it said We’re sorry, this video is not currently available in this country. WHAT IS GOING ON????

    • Hi Denise, I have no idea what is going on. I’ve gone to the National Geographic website to try to retrieve the video, and it gave me a 404 error message. I don’t know if they’re trying to cover something up, or what.


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