Coal and petroleum created throughout the universe, study finds

New discovery validates my theories.

“Carbon Rain.” That’s the title of chapter 12 in Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps, wherein I propose that carbon rains from the sky at extinctions. That’s why we find dinosaurs buried in coal.

And that’s why we find oil on Saturn’s moon Titan.

Close up toward south polar region of Saturn's largest moon, Titan, showing a depression within the moon's orange and blue haze layers near the south pole. NASA’s Cassini spacecraft snapped the image on 11 Sep 2011.

Now comes this controversial study published in the journal Nature on 27 Oct 2011.

“An analysis of the spectral emissions from distant stars suggests that compounds of unexpected complexity – some resembling coal and petroleum – exist throughout the universe and are being made by stars,” says writer Kate Melville.

By analyzing the emissions of star dust formed in exploding stars, scientists have found that “stars are making these complex organic compounds in time frames of only weeks.”

Not through some long, drawn-out process taking thousands of years, mind you, but in a mere matter of weeks!

According to Professors Sun Kwok and Yong Zhang of the University of Hong Kong, not only are stars producing this complex organic matter, they are also ejecting it into interstellar space. “Theoretically, this is impossible, but observationally we can see it happening,” said Kwok.

The compound’s chemical structures resemble those of coal and petroleum, says Kwok.

Although coal and oil are thought to arise only from living organisms, the tell-tale spectra show complex organic compounds can be synthesized in space even when no life forms are present, says Kwok.

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“This reminded me of your book,” says Ronald.

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