Is woolly mammoth video a hoax?

The huge beast was supposedly filmed wading through icy waters in the wilds of Siberia.

The footage, claimed to have been caught by a government-employed engineer last summer in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug region of Siberia, has lead a paranormal investigator to suggest that the woolly mammoth is not extinct after all.

Some viewers dismiss the video as a hoax, some think it’s an elephant lost in the Siberian wilderness, yet others think it’s a bear eating a huge fish.

I’ll go with number three. I think it’s a bear carrying a just-caught salmon to the river bank.

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13 thoughts on “Is woolly mammoth video a hoax?”

  1. I think you are right. Looks like a Kodiak bear carrying a fish. The trunk area is silverish in colour not brown or the same colour as the rest of the beast. And there is no indication of the hump on top of the skull that Mammoths had. And last but not least. No indication of a lot of hair.

  2. That’s not a mammoth. It couldn’t keep it’s trunk in the water for the whole crossing. Elephants raise them to breath and I’m sure the mammoth would do the same

  3. No bear hunting for fish would catch one, carry it by ist head or tail flopping around like that to the FAR side of the raging stream furthest from where it was fishing from. That is a trunk and look above at the what looks like floppy ear flapping.

    No bear would risk losing that prize catch!

  4. @James – Funny…I was thinking the exact same thing watching that video. It’s definitely a bear carrying a large fish in it’s mouth.

  5. My question to the videographer would be, why did he stop filming? If you recorded a mammoth wouldn’t you follow it out of the water or snap more photos? If it was real you would get closer for a better video. Hoax!

  6. If this turns out to be a real Woolly Mammoth surviving in Siberia it would not surprise me in the least. Siberia is so vaste and so unknown. Anything could be going on there and we would never know about it. You only have to remember how the chinese panda was treated as a thing of pure mythology until after very considerable effort a live panda was eventually captured. We all now know that panda’s are real, but that was definitely not always the case. Yesterday I saw a photo taken in China showing was is clearly a “dragon” swimming through the clouds. At first your reaction is like as was the case concerning panda’s. Everyone will think that “dragons” are just mythology. However, in due course we will probably find out that indeed “dragons” do exist. Probably flying south to escape the extreme cold this year 2012 in Siberia ? We never see “Snowy Owls” but because of the extreme cold this year the Snowy Owl population are flying south in a never before seen mass migration. Yes. Snowy Owls do exist. Polar Bears do exist. All these creatures were once considered to be just mythical. So getting back to the possible sighting of a Woolly Mammoth crossing a river in Siberia, I personally will be keeping an open mind on the subject. Whilst on the subject what about ghosts existing ? Most people only believe in ghosts because they have had a personal contact with a ghost. So human nature is such that no one will believe that Woolly Mammoths still exist until they have personal contact with one. “Seeing is believing” as they say.


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