Author to appear with George Noory on Coast-to-Coast a.m.

Tuesday night, 10:00pm Pacific time, 6 Mar 2012.

We’ll talk about the coming ice age, ice-age cycles, the devastating winter in central Europe and Alaska, glaciers growing in the United States, glaciers growing in the Himalayas, magnetic reversals (scientists now say the next reversal is “imminent”), volcanoes, evolutionary leaps … and who knows what questions George may come up with?

Please join us on your local radio station, or online:

I’ve been on the radio many times with George, so was very pleased to meet him in person on one of his trips to Seattle.

2 thoughts on “Author to appear with George Noory on Coast-to-Coast a.m.”

  1. Short request. I wish your books are been ported to Kindle format. Since last dec. I have used Kindle for almost all my reading.I want to read your material but would really like to do it with my ereader.


    You theories do have the ring of truth to them…

  2. Forgive the ‘are been’ grammar snafu; must have been the golbal warming.
    I hope to listen tonight to Coast to Coast.


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