Carolina Bays created by electrostatic discharge?

Electronics engineer says the Carolina Bays look exactly like ESD, electrostatic discharge, on the surface of semiconductor chips.

Mr. Felix,

I’m listening to your Veritas interview and something occurred to me about Carolina Bays. I looked up images of those Bays and I realized that I’ve seen those before, albeit on a different scale.

Carolina Bays on a semi conductor - Photo courtesy of Chris Reynolds

I’m an electronics engineer and those structures look exactly like ESD, electrostatic discharge, on the surface of semiconductor chips. When one doesn’t ground properly, then handles a chip, a slew of small holes are produced by ESD. Some are round and some are oval, same as the Bays. The offender does not feel the discharge. They are numerous and are caused by what you might call nano-lightning from the offender to the chip.

I’ve attached an image of a single ESD from 3M. Imagine a lot of those on a chip and you have Carolina Bays on a semiconductor. The dimples are normal, a byproduct of production.

If the magnetic field has an excursion or reversal, as you suggest, then isn’t it possible that massive electrostatic discharges hit the ground? Think lightning storm, but orders of magnitude more powerful. Depending on the composition of the substrate, some areas produce glass, some vaporize, some explode, etc. Would that not correlate with the vast increase in carbon and other airborne compounds you cite? ESD on those scales should also produce novel compounds, mostly radioactive isotopes as electrons are ripped from – and bound to – nearby elements. Think giant open-air particle collider.

I could be completely wrong, or not. I leave it up to you to decide. I do have knowledge of electromagnetic systems.

Have you posited what will happen to modern technology should our magnetic field reverse? Digital systems frequently rely on electron spin prediction and polarity related to magnetic north. These systems will fail, or become unreliable at best. This includes computers and SCADA systems that control civil engineering projects like water and power systems. Every system we rely on would be crippled or destroyed. I doubt we would notice if massive ESDs start occurring.

I wish you all the best, and please keep up the great work you are doing.

Chris Reynolds

It’s an Electric Universe

I think you could be onto something, Chris!

If you haven’t already, you must read “The Electric Sky,” by Donald E Scott. I think you’ll find that you’re both on the same page.

Dr Scott, who taught electrical engineering at the University of Massachusetts / Amherst for 39 years, thinks that our Sun, and all stars, receive their power from outside, not inside. He further thinks that the solar wind is an electric current connecting the Sun with its family of planets and with its galactic clan.

Also, you’ll want to read “Thunderbolts of the Gods” by David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill, who think that many ancient myths can be explained when we realize that we live in electric universe.

You’ll also want to visit their website,

5 thoughts on “Carolina Bays created by electrostatic discharge?”

  1. Good call, Robert, I am glad you are looking into Scott/Thornhill/Talbott as am I. I think your theories can blend with theirs, ie, magnetic reversals and there effects in an electric universe.

    Also, thank you Chris for your insight. Electromagnetism is poorly understood by most of us, so having experts share there insights with electromagnetic phenomena is important (which is what Donald Scott has done by taking electrical engineering expertise into the realm of astronomy). Do check to see more on the ideas of electrical scarring of planets.

    I think the ever increasing understanding and promotion of electromagnetism in astronomy, geology, weather, health, etc. will prove to be a great step forward to understanding how so many elements of macrocosm to the microcosm interact and influence each other.

  2. While I am in some agreement with the EU hypothesis, I don’t think that colossal magnitude electric scarring is the cause in the formation of the Carolina Bays. Based on their elliptical orientation which creates a line of trajectory pointing in the general direction of the Great Lakes, and similar ellipsoidal Carolina Bay evidence from Nebraska, which also points toward the Great Lakes, an extraterrestrial impact on the Laurentide ice sheet seems to me now to be the most convincing explanation. See this page for a detailed explanation of this theory:

    • @AndrewS – while I would generally support a debris field from a Laurentide Ice Sheet crater impact, the size and frequency, along with the elliptical nature of most of the bays, isn’t necessarily consistent with that of an impact event. Debris re-entering the atmosphere from an impact at altitude would also demonstrate smaller ellipsoids within larger craters. We do not generally see that with the Carolina Bays. In fact, Wikipedia shows that long-axis alignment changes abruptly depending upon location. Soil composition does not show an indication of impact tephra and unlikely would be possible by far lighter-weight water ice. OSL dating pretty much disproves the comet-on-the-Laurentide theory.

  3. I am not a Scientest But the Carolina bay on my South Carolina farm…. when i walk int the bay the hair on my arms stand up and i feel like electricity id flowing thru me

    • I visited a Carolina Bay in South Carolina last May and I also felt my hair stand up. But that was because I saw many alligators basking in the sun.


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