What’s deep inside a Carolina bay? – Video

See the unusual layer of “blue clay” at the bottom of the bay, above which are found extraterrestrial markers such as iridium, carbon spherules and nanodiamonds.

Two intrepid researchers dig into one of the mysterious Carolina bays. Carolina bays (www.georgehoward.net/cbays.htm) are more than 50,000 shallow elliptical depressions found along the Atlantic Coastal Plain from New Jersey to Florida.

Carolina bays are proposed to be linked to the Younger Dryas Impact Event which may have led to the extinction of large mammals, such as mammoths, and the Clovis people, first inhabitants of North American.

Many researchers says the Carolina Bays were created by an extraterrestrial impact. I say they were blasted into the ground by explosions in the sky triggered by the Gothenburg magnetic reversal.


Thanks to Steven Rowlandson for this link

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