Floating rocks played important role in evolution

A huge “island” of floating pumice bigger in area than Israel has been spotted in the South Pacific, New Zealand’s Royal Navy said.

Researchers from GNS Science have already collected samples of the pumice, which will be analyzed to determine where the rocks came from, the Navy wrote on its Facebook page.

“Recent studies have suggested that pumice floats played an important role in the evolution of life on Earth,” says this article on Business Insider. Since these “islands” can drift over long stretches of ocean, they can ferry animals, plants and even colonies of microbes across water barriers.

Maybe. But I’m thinking that there probably won’t be any animals or plants on that pumice that was so recently hundreds of degrees hot. Then again, perhaps it cooled tremendously before reaching the surface of the ocean.

Whichever it was, it certainly must have pumped massive amounts of heat into the ocean.

Gee, I wonder what is heating our seas?

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