Magnetic Reversals Linked to Massive Volcanism

Scientists think massive volcanism triggers magnetic reversals. I think they have it backward.

Scientists at the University of Liverpool have discovered that variations in the long-term reversal rate of the Earth’s magnetic field may be caused by changes in heat flow from the Earth’s core.

The scientists focused on the time interval between around 200 and 80 million years ago, when magnetic polarity started reversing very frequently – up to 10 times every million years. However 50 million years later, it stopped reversing altogether for nearly 40 million years. (The Liverpool scientists appear to be ignoring the 11,500-year cycle of magnetic excursions altogether.)

“We suspect that this process … changed the pattern of heat flowing out of the core in such a manner as to cause the magnetic field to first become less stable, with lots of reversals, and then become much more stable – and stop reversing,” said Dr Andrew Biggin, from the University’s School of Environmental Sciences.

The team conjectures that this big drop in the frequency of reversals may also be related to a similar decrease in the number of ‘large igneous provinces’ (LIPs)* or concentrated outpourings of magma from the Earth’s core, 50 million years later.

The last LIP happened around 16 million years ago and produced the Columbia Plateau in the North West US.

I think they have it backward. I think the magnetic reversals triggered the volcanic activity, not the other way around.

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* According to, large igneous provinces (LIPs) are known for their rapid production of enormous volumes of magma (up to several million cubic kilometres in less than a million years), for marked thinning of the lithosphere, often ending with a continental break-up, and for their links to global environmental catastrophes.

The Siberian Traps and Deccan Traps, where huge amounts of magma poured out of the earth, were both synchronous with large mass-extinction events – the Great Permian extinction and the dinosaur extinction.

7 thoughts on “Magnetic Reversals Linked to Massive Volcanism”

  1. This got me to looking and I found this interesting hypothesis:
    It seems that what scientists have measured – the bookmatched magnetic stripes on the seafloor – may not be exactly what they assume it to be, that is, corresponding stripes of opposite magnetic polarities. Differences in depth(of magmatic deposition), changes in spread rates, and rotation of plates all serve to confuse the findings! Yet there is no doubt that changes in magnetic polarity do occur, whether wholesale flips, or prolonged excursions with eventual return to ‘normalcy’, the evidence is there.
    It reminds me of the Chicken and the Egg. Whether changes in Magnetic Field Strength/Orientation cause Volcanism, or whether Volcanism causes changes in MFS/O. These forces obviously affect each other, and are ultimately inseparable. I tend to agree with your view however, that magnetic field strength is the likely driver of volcanism, and that volcanism-while having a slight affect upon magnetic distribution within Earth’s cores(solid,liquid) is perhaps less likely to have an effect upon the planet’s overall magnetic orientation.

  2. I’ve read your books and this is just an idea I have. There was a guy, wish I could find the link I’m still looking for it, who was looking at the pictures from the satellites we have photographing the Sun. He saw a large structure inside a sunspot. Like a mountain. After one rotation he saw almost the same structure. This gave him an idea for a hypothesis. The Sun has a coating of slag, kind of like welding slag, that is lighter elements floating on top. This slag separates electric charges. When the electric charges build up enough, arcs go across the Sun. Just like an electric arc welding machine. This idea fits in very well with the Sun outside being hotter than the inside.

    I’m going to take this line of thought a little further. His model would explain Solar Flares as arcs to equalize the electric charges in the Sun. The solar cycle could be a build up of lighter elements on the surface. These lighter elements “slag” would keep the normal equalization of charges from happening until a big enough charge was created to break through the slag. Once broken through you would have a period of time of many Sunspots or flares. Many would be small flares but sometimes very large ones. This process would happen during the normal solar cycle.

    What about ice ages. Over time lighter elements are built up that have a MUCH larger resistance. I mean that they resist being broken down by electric charges. This would slow or stop the sunspot cycle.

    The end of an Ice age would be enormous flares from the 90,000 years or so that the electric charges built up by the resistant slag. How does the slag not immediately reform. The large flares would fuse the slag into heavier elements which would sink deeper into the Sun. This would clear the surface and allow the electric charges to equalize with smaller flares.

    There is some evidence that fits this pattern. The floods in Wyoming that carried boulders the size of houses.
    The black matte of charred matter in some strata.
    Your books.

    Then why isn’t all life on Earth extinct? The flares must be large but short in time. Blasting one side of the Earth. The Americas seem to have had the worst of it. Maybe the electrical resistance is less on this side of the Earth. There are magnetic portals connecting Earth to the Sun at times.

    I don’t know this for a fact but I predict that they are more prevalent in the American hemisphere.

    What makes the electric charges in the Sun. I don’t know. It would be important to find this out.

    This part is a little more speculative as I’ve not really fleshed it out yet. I’m just thinking out loud here.
    The Earths magnetic field is based or influenced by the Sun. Maybe just it’s strength or geometric configuration. The extra slag covering on the Sun during ice ages makes the magnetic/electric field of the Sun weaker as seen on the Earth. A possible mechanism? Here’s quote from a page by William J. Beaty The quote is just below fig. 9. What he’s discussing is Teslas electrical transmission without wires.

    “…This stuff can only work if there is a dielectric substance coating the Earth. Without that coating, the waves will not slow and bend to follow the curve of the Earth, they will just fly out into space. The atmosphere supplies this coating, and the resistive earth also helps to slow the waves so they bend to follow the surface. And even better, there is a conductive ionosphere which will act a lot like the “shield” of a coaxial cable and force the waves to go around the Earth…”

    He’s talking about the Earth but the same could be said for the Sun. The difference being dielectric substance coating the Sun would short circuit the fields emission into space and in turn influencing the Earth.

    Possibly the slag shuts down the “magnetic portal” from the Sun to the Earth. The Earth’s core organization changes due to the field of the Sun changing. This creates more stress in the core. The core moves from one equilibrium to another. When this first happens at the beginning of the ice age volcanos erupt at a higher frequency due to the reorganization of the core and the huge stresses this causes.

    What do you think? Plausible?

    • Just found this and your great response –
      You are almost at the right ‘spot’ – check out Electric Universe theory to take this whole ‘electric sun’ – gives you links to everything Electric & plasma – the whole concept fits it all together nicely – no need for ‘black holes’ & ‘dark matter’ to explain what is seen in the stars – it is ALL ELECTRICITY & MAGNETISM(WHICH YOU CANNOT HAVE WITHOUT ELECTRIC FIELDS!!!).
      Welcome to the real world !

  3. Interesting paper you linked. I actually just wrote a whole tome on how the electric field of the Sun and Galaxy could cause currents in the core making an electric field which would create a magnetic field. This must be wrong and all I have above on the Sun effecting the magnetic field of Earth must be wrong because the Sun field changes every 12 years. Sometimes you have to write these things down to realize your wrong. I can’t help but think there must be something there though because of the timing of the Ice age and the volcanic action on Earth. Have to think on it some more.

  4. What I said earlier,”…The Earths magnetic field is based or influenced by the Sun…” is almost certainly wrong for the simple fact the Sun’s magnetic field changes every 11 years or so. I said I was thinking out loud and hadn’t fleshed it out…oops…looks down in shame… None the less the slag covering the Sun is reasonable.


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