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“The problem for astronomers is that they are missing most powerful energy source in the universe, and that’s electrical power, electrical energy” says Wal Thornhill of


“With our own earth, we have a connection to the sun. And the sun/earth electrical connection has to penetrate the earth’s magnetosphere before connecting with the ionosphere and driving the high-speed winds in our stratosphere.

Venus has a more direct connection to the sun, mistakenly called gigantic flux ropes.

The European Space Agency’s Venus Express spacecraft recently spotted enormous magnetic entities — called flux ropes — stretching for hundreds of miles in the planet’s upper atmosphere, above the poles.

Magnetic flux ropes come together from twisted magnetic field lines. They have been spotted in magnetic fields all over the solar system.

Sun and planets: Courtesy

On Earth, flux ropes form near the face of the planet opposite the sun. The stream of charged particles known as the solar wind flows around the planet and creates a “magnetotail” of charged particles on the other side.

The thing that seems to have been ignored, says Thornhill, is that in order have magnetic fields in space, electric currents have to be flowing in the plasma – and electric currents flow in a circuit.

So to understand what is going on, you must trace the circuit. But you see no mention of circuits or electricity or electricity flowing in space in any textbooks on astronomy.

The theory that external electrical energy may drive the Venusian atmosphere is affirmed by the mysterious vortices at the north and south poles of Venus.

Pass a current through the pole of a sphere, and out at the equator, and you will cause that object to rotate. It’s the same process used in a lot of power meters measuring the amount of electricity flowing into your house.

It’s an electric universe

Weather and atmosphere on all planets are inextricably linked to the heliospheric electrical circuitry.

Climate change is inevitable. But it has nothing to do with us. It’s the result of energy changes within the solar system.

The very fact that the sun has had a strange sunspot cycled recently – and that is our main bellweather that electrical effects are taking place in the solar system that are unusual – is strong evidence of this electrical explanation.

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