Neanderthals more advanced than we thought

Used ‘aspirin’ for tooth pain

8 Mar 2017 – “A young Neanderthal tormented by a dental abscess ate greenery containing a natural antibiotic and pain killer, analysis of his teeth revealed Wednesday.”

“The male, who lived in El Sidron in what is now Spain, ate an antibiotic fungus called Penicillium and chewed on bits of poplar tree containing salicylic acid — the active ingredient of modern-day aspirin, researchers said.”

“Apparently, Neanderthals possessed a good knowledge of medicinal plants and their various anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, ” said a study co-author.

A previous study found that Neanderthals appeared to have used other  medicinal herbs such as yarrow and chamomile.

This reminds me of Jean Auel’s book Clan of the Cave Bear, where she describes the Neanderthals use of medicinal herbs.

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