“A magnetic reversal is one of the most serious issues facing us today”

“What a Magnetic Reversal Means for Earth ‘ – An interview with Ben Davidson from Suspicious0bservers.

Our magnetic shield affects our weather, affects earthquakes and volcanoes, affects human health, and affects earth/space weather, says Davidson. It also affects how the earth interacts with the sun and galactic cosmic rays (basically energy from space). It affects all of those things in a significant way, including causing climate extremes.

We have done a number of studies on how the solar polar magnetic fields; things like coronal hole activity, corolla mass ejections, more flare activity, certain things in the solar wind, can be highly correlated to large earthquake and volcanic events, says Davidson.

The only thing that’s modulating that activity is the earth’s magnetic field. So as the field gets weaker, the energy from space will interact with earth more and more. Not just in the atmosphere, but through the lithosphere (the crust and upper mantle) as well, leading to more severe and more frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

The loss of our magnetic shield might even do damage to animals in terms of causing cancer from the extreme ultraviolet radiation, the x-ray radiation and the microwaves that the sun produces

But the most catastrophic event that could happen to earth is a solar induced EMP (electro-magnetic pulse), says Davidson. The sun has the power to produce a far greater EMP than any weapons that humans have. It could truly send earth back to the stone age.

According to NASA scientists, if a Carrington type event (the great solar flare event of 1859) occurred today, it could cost two trillion dollars and take 10 years to repair earth’s power grids.

Actually, it could be worse than that, because everything needed to repair the power grid would require electricity to produce it.

“A magnetic reversal is one of the most serious issues facing us today.”

Thanks to Jim Kahlke for this video

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  1. Oh NO! Everyone’s going to die! Or, maybe they’ll get really sick before they die! The events you describe are going to be fun to experience! Danger, danger, everyone! Whatever you do, be VERY FEARFUL! Alternatively, be very mindful.


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