Is our magnetic field weaker than we thought? Video

“This is not a good sign.”

There’s something going on with the sun that should not be,” says Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers.

“There is absolutely nothing in the history of space weather that advises the expectation of a strong geomagnetic storm off a mild CME produced by the eruption of a small plasma filament,” says Ben.

“The deviation shown on the magnetometer is equally challenging.”

“This like when the little dude with glasses knocks out the bully and everyone is wondering; “What just happened?”

“(Instead of nerf balls) bullets are going to be flying from the sun in he next few years.”

“Eyes open. No fear.”

2 thoughts on “Is our magnetic field weaker than we thought? Video”

  1. The info that I have dug up says that the field is at about 40% and falling, went back to the old sites . Gone, but hey! What do I know.. wonder what a weak field could do to the human mind ?

    • According to my research our magnetic field reverses when it gets to about 15% of its usual strength.. (By the way. I don’t think the earth turns over, just that the poles move.)


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